Great Gatsby eBook Download

The Great Gatsby PDF eBook link has been shared in this post. We will also present a short review of this classic piece of work. First published in 1925. The author was F. Scott Fitzgerald and this was his third book.

The Great Gatsby PDF book review

Great Gatsby eBook Download

Since its publication this outstanding literary work has a huge fan club from all generations worldwide. Although with 20000 copies sold the early reception from the readers was discouraging. However, it started towards the peak of popularity after the second world war. Today we regard it as a literary classic.

The narrator of the story and events is Nick Carraway, who is a young graduate. He moves to the New York and starts living in the neighborhood of a wealthy person named Jay Gatsby. Being a so rich man so Gatsby frequently organizes social gathering and feasts in his home. He likes young people so usually his guests are popular and stylish youngsters. The people of his circle presume him a mysterious man and eager to know about his past. However his life is not what it looks. His life is so resentful. Though by any means Nick gains the knowledge about Gatsby's sad life. He comes to know the reason that is his failed romantic life.

Actually some years ago, Gatsby and a beautiful girl named Daisy loved with each other. But once when her lover Gatsby was not there, Daisy married to another guy. This was Tom Buchanan, who was a wealthy person. While Gatsby never stopped himself thinking about his love lady and still wants to come closer to her. His utmost insistence forces Nick to arrange him a meeting with Daisy. This meeting brings both lovers closer once again. However, this Meet up makes Tom so angry and he gives them a warning.

One day when these two lovers were traveling in Gatsby's car, both become emotional. Daisy, who was driving loses her control over the car so she hits someone. The victim was a woman who dies. Gatsby tries to remain her love lady safe so he makes himself ready to face all charges. While the woman’s husband also finds out that who is the owner of the car. So he shoots Gatsby. This incident makes Nick so sad as he has to leave the New York.

This splendid literary work has also been well-written. The author Fitzgerald has presented some quick-witted characters who change their attitude, according to the situations. The novel is a perfect read for everyone, however the mature readers can enjoy the most.

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Dracula Book by Bram Stoker Download

Dracula book PDF download link is available on this page. The name of its author is Bram Stoker. This classic work of Gothic horror first published in 1897. This scary novel was the first literary work in which the readers saw the famous vampire character Count Dracula.

Dracula Book by Bram Stoker review

Dracula Book by Bram Stoker Download
The plot revolves around Count Dracula who has availed some supernatural evil powers. He has become a vampire. He lives in Transylvania. After getting these powers he wants to use them for his bad ambitions. To fulfill his evil wishes he is intended to go to England so that he could get some new blood.

Jonathan Harker a businessman, comes to meet with Count for a business deal. But when he reaches Transylvania, he is informed about Count's mysterious personality and his horrible castle. So he returns, but Count doesn't let him go easily. He gets him and badly injures him. However, Jonathan somehow survives and escapes.

While some mysterious incidents happen in England. A young girl Mina, who is also Jonathan’s fiancee, visits Whitby to meet her friend Lucy. In the meantime a ship destroys mysteriously on the beach near Whitby. Then suddenly Lucy starts behaving strangely and becomes seriously ill. The two tiny red marks can also be seen on her neck. Now the conclusion of this all strange incidents clearly points to the evil powers of Dracula. This situation demands Jonathan for the destruction of the evil monster. Jonathan and Professor Van Helsing get the help of some other people and begins a struggle to destroy Count Dracula and his evil.

This classic novel is still frightening the readers who read it for the first time. It is highly recommended for the readers who love horror stories. You will find in it, all elements that are necessary for a great horror book. The story is very well paced. Its breathtaking suspense, horrifying atmosphere and shocking situations will scare you for a long time especially at nights.

Being an old novel, there are a lot of words that are difficult to understand for the modern readers. Furthermore, its story is totally different than the modern vampire tales. Our protagonist is an evil monster and you will see a lot of violence. While its characters are also sexually aggressive. Therefore, this book is not suitable for minors.

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Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Download

Robinson Crusoe is one in some very old novels of the English literature. Its author was Daniel Defoe. First published in April 1719. We can say this is the earliest work that introduced the realistic fiction in literature. 

When the book came into public, readers believed that its story is an autobiography of the author and describes the events of his real life. While a lot of readers thought that the author himself was actually the main character of the novel.

 Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe book review

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Download
This thought provoking story describes an undefeatable survival struggle of a man. In fact, it is a very strong lesson of human courage, bravery and diligence to remain alive in severe situations. The narrator and protagonist of the story is Robinson Crusoe. He loves the sea life and wishes to be a sailor in his future, though his father doesn't like this. When he grows up, he leaves his home so that he could fulfill his desire and become a sailor.

His first voyage was so successful and he earned a huge money in trade. He expanded his business by purchasing a cotton farm somewhere in South America. Now he intended to travel to Africa so he availed some slaves and started his second voyage. However, this time he had to face a storm. In a result, his ship destroyed and his all companions dead except him. The ocean waves swept him to a deserted island. When he wakes up, he found himself alone on a beach. Now he understands that he will have to stay here as long as he could get some help.

He stayed there for twenty eight years helpless. He not only bear the loneliness and hard weather, but also suffered for the right food. During his stay, on several occasions the Cannibal barbarians came to the island and he had to fight with them for his survival. Once he also protected a man from their imprisonment. Later, this man named Friday became his friend.

At last the day came that he was waiting for, a rebelled ship arrived there. It could be a good chance for him so he helped the captain. With his help the captain of the ship successfully recovered back his ship. Finally Crusoe succeeded to go back to London.

The novel is equally beneficial for the readers of all ages. The author Daniel Defoe has adopted a brilliant style of writing throughout the story. He has used a very simple language and his method of narrating the story is easy to follow. Defoe nicely teaches us some really exceptional lessons of life that we should follow. We learn an unforgettable lesson, never lose your hope even in the worst situations.

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Wuthering Heights English Novel Free Download

We are sharing here the download link of the English novel Wuthering Heights PDF version. The name of the author is Emily Bronte. It remained controversial after its publication. 

The story is based on love and revenge and it challenges the Victorian ideals of that time such as social inequity, religious duplicity and cruel behaviors. 

Emily wrote this novel between 1845 to 1846 and it published in December 1847. However, she died in 1848 at the age of only 30 years. In 1850, Emily’s sister published its posthumous edition by editing its manuscript.

Wuthering Heights book review

Wuthering Heights English Novel Free Download

This classic novel, we can say is a reflector of human emotions. The sentiments and reactions of the characters make it an unforgettable emotional thriller. Even without any actual hero or heroine it still engages the reader.

The plot revolves around a mysterious man. He is an orphan named Heathcliff. The other main characters are Mr. Earnshaw, his daughter Catherine and his son Hindley

Mr. Earnshaw is a wealthy man and the landlord of Wuthering Heights. He adopts Heathcliff and loves him as like his son. While Catherine also likes him and remains closer to him. 

On the other hand Hindley doesn't like him. When Earnshaw dies, Heathcliff becomes the victim of Hindley's hate who treats him as a minion. 

Besides this Catherine also forgets him and attracts toward another person Edgar Linton. Now there is no more space for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights so he leaves with a broken heart. 

But he returns after 3 years as an amazingly rich person. Now he wants revenge from the ones whom he believes are responsible of his life ruined.

The earlier edition of Wuthering Heights could not achieve enough progress. However, in 1850 when its second publication came into the markets, it was much appreciated. Since then there is no decline was seen in its popularity among the readers. Today we consider it one of the greatest literary works of the English literature.

You will find some really sensational scenes in this novel that force you to remember it for a long time. You will see a family which is almost mentally retarded, some bitter and brutish characters and extremely angry ex lovers. However, above all other things, the sharp and exceptional writing method of the author make it a killer romantic story.

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Pride and Prejudice Book Free Download

Pride and Prejudice Book Free Download
Pride and Prejudice book has always been remained as a popular literary work. This classic novel published in January 28, 1813. It was written by the great English author Jane Austen. The readers of the English literature have always regarded this masterpiece of literature as their favorite novel. Until now more than twenty million copies of this book have sold worldwide.

Pride and prejudice novel review

The structure of the novel is simple and it follows a wonderful plot. It revolves around the family of a gentleman Mr. Bennet. They live in a small town of London. He has 5 daughters who are unmarried. Bennet's wife has an extreme wish that she could find rich husbands for her daughters. However, she always remains anguish because it does not appear that their marriages will take place according to her wish.

In the meantime the two friends Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy start living in their neighborhood. At this point the fascinating and romantic portion of the novel begins. Some really interesting incidents happen between the two friends and the Bennet girls.

Bingley is a rich person he falls in love with Jane the eldest daughter of Bennet. However Mr. Darcy is a proud man and he is uncomfortable here. His nonstop clashes with Elizabeth occur continuously that make the story more entertaining.   

Elizabeth is the second number daughter of Mr. Bennet. Although she and Darcy loves each other, but an unseen wall of prides and prejudices stops both of them to accept this truth. This interesting situation engages the readers and they wish to see a pleasing conclusion.

This classic novel is truly enchanting. The writing style is so brilliant and descriptive. Its matchless story, charming characters and a lot of heartwarming scenes make it an unforgettable work of all time. You will also find a little dose of suspense while several comic situations will really make your day pleasant.  

Pride and prejudice book has the power that can also entertain the modern readers. It is undoubtedly one of some most loved books in the history of literature.

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Islamic Books Download Links

Due to some necessary reasons we have removed your required post. However, you can find your required download links of the books from the below list.
    also all 3 parts in one file Download RAR file.

also all 3 parts in one file Download RAR file

also all 3 parts in one file Download RAR 

14- Qasas Ul Anbiya in Urdu

Rapidex English Speaking Course in Urdu PDF

You can download Rapidex English speaking course in Urdu PDF. This is a wonderful gift for the students and learners of the English language. Those who want to fluently speak English, this is a must have book for them.

Some more details of Rapidex English speaking course in Urdu

Rapidex English Speaking Course in Urdu PDF

This course is compiled with a lot of hard work and a thorough research. Several experienced teachers and the language experts have given their precious instructions to arrange the exercises. You will learn how to use synonyms when you don't remember any suitable word. This course is equally beneficial for the people from all age groups. If you study this book with care and attention, then soon you will be able to speak English. 

انگریزی زبان سیکھنے کے لیے ریپیڈیکس انگلش سپیکنگ کورس ایک نہایت لازمی کورس ہے۔آپ اس کو یہاں سے ڈاون لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں۔ یہ انتہائی محنت اور برسہا برس کی تحقیق سے تیار کیا گیا ہے۔ انگریزی زبان کے قابل ماہرین اور انتہائی تجربہ کار اساتذہ نے اس کورس کہ تیاری میں معاونت کی ہے۔ اس میں زبان کے نقطہ نظر سے جدید الفاظ کو سکھانے کی سعی کی گئی ہے اور اس بات پر خاص دھیان دیا گیا ہے کہ یہ کورس ہر شعبہ ہائے زندگی کے افراد کے لیے یکساں مفید ہو ۔ روز مرہ کی جانے والی بات چیت کے جملوں کے علاوہ آپ کو کچھ ایسے طریقے بھی سمجھائے گئے ہیں جو آپ کو بوقت ضرورت متبادل الفاظ کا استعمال کرنے کے قابل بنائیں گے۔ اگر آپ اس کورس کو مکمل توجہ اور لگن کے ساتھ تیار کریں گے تو بہت جلد آپ انگریزی زبان کو آسانی سے بولنے کے قابل ہو جائیں گے۔

Download link of Rapidex English Speaking Course in Urdu PDF 

English Tenses in Urdu PDF Free Download

Download English Tenses in Urdu PDF from this page. The title of this excellent book is Tenses Made Easy. The publisher is Qaumi Kutub Khana Lahore and the name of the author is Efzal Anware Mufti. He has also written several books on the topic of English learning for the students.

Some details of the book English Tenses in Urdu PDF  

English Tenses in Urdu PDF Free Download
This is a very useful and popular book to learn tenses. In fact, it is also a very old book, but a majority of the students and the English language learners have been using it for a long time. There are 21 chapters in the book, including 15 exercises.  

If you want to teach English to yourself or if you are eager to speak this language correctly, then it is necessary for you to know the right usage of tenses. According to the author he has written this booklet to fulfill this important requirement. He has briefly explained all rules and principles about Tenses that we have to follow. 
At the end of the work, Mr Anware has also mentioned some useful tips that how we can avail more advantage of this easy to learn guide. A careful study of this book is really helpful for students of schools and collages.  

Download link the book English Tenses in Urdu PDF 

We have posted the link below. You can download it.

Ye Chahatain Ye Shiddatain Urdu Novel Free Download

You can download Urdu novel Yeh Chahatain Yeh Shiddatain PDF. It is a very interesting romantic story by Sumera Shareef Toor. This is her second wonderful creation. The readers of the Urdu literature widely liked her first novel entitled 'Mohabbat Dhanak Rang Orh Kar'. This time she has come with another long social tale.

Some more info about the Urdu novel Yeh Chahatain Yeh Shiddatain by Sumera Shareef Toor 

Ye Chahatain Ye Shiddatain Urdu Novel Free Download
According to the author she had written it many years ago without any intention of publication. Later, when her first novel published and highly appreciated by the readers, then she decided to publish it. For this purpose she again worked on its characters and plot. She added a few more interesting characters. Every character has its own psyche. Some are emotional and some try to ignore others mistakes, some live a balanced life and some change their lifestyles with the time. You will also meet Samaan and Naveera, the two remarkable exemplary characters. Sumera absolutely worked hard to make this story unique and realistic. This novel has made her a very popular writer.

Download link of the Urdu novel Yeh Chahatain Yeh Shiddatain by Sumera Shareef Toor

You can get this wonderful novel by clicking on the below link.

The Magic of Thinking Big PDF Book Free Download

The Magic of Thinking Big PDF Book Free DownloadWe are going to share today the download link of a superb self help book. The title of this book is The Magic of Thinking Big PDF. The name of the author is David Schwartz. This one of the best sellers of the 20th century published in 1959.

Some details of the self help book The Magic of Thinking Big PDF

In this thought provoking work, the author tries to explain the benefits of thinking big. He says that smallness in thinking is what that keeps a man behind his competitors. He briefly describes the importance and positive effects of thinking big and positive. Schwartz has also provided some great ideas which can be really helpful for a man to become successful. He guides step-by-step that how we can achieve everything just by changing our way of thinking.

Download link

We have found its download link on the web that we are sharing below. Just visit the below link to get it.

Tum Kon Piya Novel PDF by Maha Malik Free Download

You can download the Urdu novel Tum Kon Piya PDF from this page. We have shared its link below. It is a wonderful romantic novel. The name of its author is Maha Malik. She has written several remarkable novels. This story is one of her most liked literary works.

Some details and Download link to Tum Kon Piya Novel PDF

Tum Kon Piya Novel PDF by Maha Malik Free DownloadAccording to the author Maha Malik, she has written this story to describe, what actually a woman is. She wants to mention something about women and she has tried to give them a tribute. Maha has nicely explained the feelings and sacrifices of the women, their importance and hard work for their family. 
Tum Kon Piya Download  

Namal Novel Complete PDF by Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel Complete PDF by Nimra Ahmed
You can download Namal novel complete PDF from this page. It has been written by the famous author Nimra Ahmed. Now a days this is the highest following novel by the Urdu story lovers. It is being published in Khawateen digest in monthly episodes. All readers wait with extreme impatience and excited to read new episodes.

Namal Novel review

If I want to introduce you about this novel, then only this is enough to say that its author is Nimra Ahmed. Namal is an awesome story of emotions, sacrifice, love, hate, murders and revenge. The plot revolves around the relationships between the family members of a young boy Saadi and his other relatives. How his cruel and rich relatives play some brutal games. 
There are two heroes of the story. One is an ex ISI officer named Faris Ghazi. The other is a Nescom scientist named Saadi Yousuf, who is also the son of Faris's sister. The other main characters are Zumar Yousuf, Hunain Yousuf, Hashim Kardar, Nosherwan Kardar and Jawahrat Kardar
Zumer is a brilliant lawyer. She is the sister of Saadi's father. She loves and extremely cares of her nephew Saadi and his family. Hunain is Saadi's sister. She is a very intelligent girl with computer hacking skills. Hashim and his family are the villains of the story. Hashim has a charming and love-able personality, but he is an evil minded person. He always has a justification for all of his sins and crimes. 
The good point of Nimra's writing is that she includes Islamic teachings in her books in a very attractive way. A reader learns very well how to gain guidance from the holy Quran for his everyday life. The story also has a lot of thrill and suspense. Readers enjoy the actions taken by Faris, Zumer, Hunain and Saadi on several occasions. In the early chapters, story runs a bit slow but after a few chapters the pace becomes fast.
You can't leave it without finishing the whole episodes. Personally, I like the chemistry between the characters of Faris and Zumar. There are several ups and downs come between their relationships. Although its a sad and serious story, though it also has some humorous scenes. For example the scenes of a character Ahmer Shafi and some funny fights between Usama and Hunain.

Download links of Namal novel complete PDF by Nimra Ahmed

You can download this remarkable Urdu novel from the below links. After download unzip it and enjoy.

City of Heavenly Fire PDF

City of Heavenly Fire PDF is a fantasy young adult novel. It is the final episode of The Mortal Instruments. Its Publication date was May 27, 2014. The publisher was Margaret K. McElderry. Once again this novel describes the adventures of Clary Fray.  

City of Heavenly Fire PDF

Download links of the City of Heavenly Fire PDF

We have found it's download links on some websites. We have collected that links and today we are posting a link here. If the link is still alive then you can download. Just visit to the below web link.

Yaaram Novel Free Download

Yaaram Novel Free Download
You can download Yaaram novel PDF from this page. This wonderful Urdu novel has remained very popular among the Urdu story lovers since its publication. The name of the author is Sumaira Hameed.

Some details about the Urdu novel Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed

Yaaram translation in English is a beloved friend. It is a remarkable love story with a lot of emotions, strange behavior of family members, several amazing characters and some breathtaking situations. The plot revolves around a young girl named Amarha. She is badly neglected and insulted by all her family members except her grandfather. She gets a scholarship and comes to Manchester for education. Now the story becomes more interesting and comical with some funny characters such as Carl, Veera, Sai, Jim and some others. Here Amarha falls in love with Aaliyan. He is an adopted son of her landlady.

The novel is really entertaining. It will give you joy, happiness, sadness, laughter and thrill. It also ends with happiness. Although some time the author goes into an unnecessary detail, but you can't stop yourself to read it till end.

Download link of the Urdu novel Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed

You can download Yaaram novel from the below given links.

Gul e Rana Novel by Samra Bukhari Pdf Free

Gul e Rana Novel by Samra Bukhari Pdf Free
You can download the Gul e Rana novel PDF from this page. Its original title is Hasti Ke Ahang. It has been written by Samra Bukhari. The story of this wonderful novel has been adopted by Hum TV for a drama serial. It was the most popular drama of that year.

A few details about the Gul e Rana novel

This is a magnificent emotional story of relations, trust and forgiveness. Hum TV had telecasted it with the title of Gul e Rana. That's why it is known by this name. This is also the name of the protagonist of the story. The plot revolves around a young girl Gul-e-Rana. After the death of her father, she and her family depends upon his rich uncle.

Rana often becomes sad when she realizes the behavior of the men against the women in the society. Their behavior becomes worse after marriage. Rana struggles for the rights of women. Her cousin Adeel also has the same mentality. Rana keeps trying and she also has to face troubles. At last in the end, Adeel's mind changes. He becomes a better human.

Download link of the Urdu novel Gul e Rana PDF

You can download this novel from the below link. The size of the PDF file is only 7.37 MB.