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Jinnat Sex Aur Insan PDF free download
Today I am here with a very informative Urdu book Jinnat Sex aur Insan. Some people may guess that this might be a sex related book but this is not true. It contains some valuable information about the mysterious creature of God that we call Jinns.

Some details about the Urdu book Jinnat Sex aur Insan

The Author of this book is Mr. Nagi B.A. He is a Spiritual healer in Lahore, the famous city of Pakistan. He treats the victims of Jinns. He is also very famous of writing about Jinns. If anyone wants to know more and more about Jinns, then he must read this useful book. In this book, Mr. Nagi has discussed almost everything about this mysterious creature. Such as their daily life, eating, sleeping, and especially their sex life.

He tells us that some Jinns are fond of having sex with humans. He has briefly explained that how a Jinn sexually harasses humans. He has also given examples of his patients and has stated the real stories of the victims.

Mr. Nagi B. A has also discussed about Jinns in the light of the holy Quran. Because Quran has also verified this creation and existence of Jinns on earth. To remain safe from this creature, Mr. Nagi has also stated some Quranic prayers or practices for daily reading.

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