Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost PDF horror Urdu Novel

Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost PDF Amazing story
Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost PDF is the name of an amazing and wonderful Urdu story. The English translation of the title is 'the birth friend of Jinns.' This story is based on the real life events of Mr. Allama Lahoti Purisrari. He is a very nice scholar and a writer.

I have found its link on the web so I am now sharing it with you guys. I know a majority of mysterious story lovers always try to find this kind of a stuff on the internet. This is a very unique as well as a real story that users will surely love to read.

Further details of Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost PDF

The story is about a family of Jinns who live in the house of Mr. Lahoti. This family of Jinns is very gentle and religious. They are also very kind on Mr. Lahoti since his childhood. This story was actually published in small parts on the monthly Ubqari digest which is a very popular religious digest in Pakistan. This story is also available on the website of Ubqari digest. The Ubqari and company always try to help the people who remain sad and worried due to their financial problems, family affairs and other difficulties. They sincerely work hard to solve their problems in the light of the holy Quran and Hadith. The said book Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost is really a readable story. This story will catch your attention at the very first page and you will not leave it without a finish.

At the moment only the first part of the novel Jinnat ka pedaishi dost is available. We will share its second part when we will find it on the web. There are 56 pages in this first part. The PDF file size is just 1.65 MB. You can easily read it in just one time. To save it into your computer just visit the following link.