Jinn Zaad Horror Urdu Novel free download

Jinn Zaad Horror Urdu Novel free downloadجن زاد ناول
Jinn Zaad جن زاد is a Horror (Khofnak) Urdu Novel. Sanjeeda Khatoon is the Author of this interesting Novel. She belongs to a very respected and well educated family. She is the wife of a very famous and well-liked Urdu Novel writer Shamim Naveed.

Some Information about the Horror Urdu Novel Jinn Zaad

The English meaning of zaad is 'son' so Jinn Zaad stands for the son of a Jinn. The story of this novel is based on some true incidents. That will catch your attention. Alialesh is a Jinn Zaad (Son of a Jinn) who comes into the city with his friend Yaasif. Both are very naughty and always tease humans just for enjoyment. They also sexually harass some innocent girls. But sometimes they are trapped by some wise humans and then they become in trouble.

This is a huge novel that's why it is divided into seven parts. All parts are already available online for download. Today we will share the download links of all seven parts.

Download links of all parts

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