Sex Education in Urdu PDF

Sex Education in Urdu PDF
Sex education in Urdu is a very informative and a must read book for the youngsters. The PDF version of this educational creation is available online. Today we will share its link that we have found.

Why reading the sex education in Urdu is important?

As we all know that education is vital for the development of a country or nation. People try to give the best education to their kids. In developed countries parents also make it possible to sexually educate their children. But in some eastern countries like Pakistan and India due to shyness this is almost impossible to say something about sex to the kids. Parents feel embarrassed to talk with their kids about sexual matters.

This situation causes too many confusions in the minds of the youngsters. Due to ignorance a majority of the young people always remains worried about their sexual health. They can't find the proper guidance from anywhere. Some fraud people take advantage of this situation. They prepare some forgery sexual medicines and advertise them. Some innocent guys who are inspired by their misleading advertisement become their easy victims. These guys lose their money by purchasing their fake medicines.

This is all because of ignorance. These young people only need some proper sex education or guidance. The said book Sex education in Urdu is the only and perfect solution for this problem.

Some details of the Urdu book Sex education in Urdu PDF

This useful book is written by Dr. Sayed Mubeen Akhtar. It was first published in 1991. Dr. Mubeen is also a psychiatrist. He has written this book according to the Islamic principles and with the help of the Holy Quran and Hadith books. This is equally helpful for both married and unmarried people. It covers all topics that a man should know about sex. The 28 chapters and 248 pages have contained precious information.

This publication has been widely praised by the critics as well as the religious scholars. You can get a copy of sex education in Urdu from the below web address. The size of the PDF file is just 4.01 MB.