Waqiat e Aalam PDF Book by Adnan Rasheed

Waqiat e Aalam PDF Book by Adnan Rasheed
The famous Urdu book Waqiat e Aalam PDF version is available on the web. This is a very useful and full of information book. The English translation of the title 'Waqiat e Aalam' is 'The events of the world'. This is especially helpful for those who want to increase their general knowledge. This book gives you the information about the important events of the world that have happened from BC to the present age.

Some details of the Urdu book Waqiat e Aalam PDF

The Author of this creation is Mr. Adnan Rasheed Chauhdry. It was published by Al-Asar publications Lahore in the year 2008. There are 240 pages in the hard copy. The soft copy has contained 120 pages. The size of the PDF file is 6.37 MB.

This book is divided into 12 chapters. These chapters have been arranged according to the names of the months. The Author has mentioned almost all important events of the world that have been written in the history books. All events have been described with the dates. For example, if you want to know that what events have happened on a specific date such as 10th of March, then you can read about this by going to the 3rd chapter.

By reading this book, your general knowledge will increase. You will learn several things that you didn't know before. The knowledge you will gain has been mentioned below:

The birth and the death dates of the important personalities of the world.

You can know about the important days of a country or a nation such as independent day, popular festivals etc.

You will get the information about the dates when:

A famous war was started.

An important invention was made.

Somewhere in the world a big storm, flood or earthquake came.

All this and many other information you can get . If you want to get Waqiat e Aalam PDF, then go to the below given address.