50 Shades of Grey PDF by E L James

50 Shades of Grey PDF by E L James
Today we will share the download link of the bestseller English novel 50 shades of grey PDF. It is written by the famous author E. L. James. It was published in 2011.  E. L. James first published it in the shape of an eBook. Later, it was published by Vintage Books in 2011. With more than one hundred million copies sold around the world, it is a bestseller. It broke many of the previous sales records.

Review of the English novel 50 Shades of Grey PDF

The Fifty Shades trilogy has three parts. This is the first one. The titles of the other two novels are: 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed. It is a sexually arousing and a romantic novel. This novel describes the story of the love relations of the present age. You will read a deep love and romantic relation between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Anastasia, who is also the protagonist of the story is a young beautiful and charming girl. She is a collage student. She thinks and feels so real about everything. She is a virgin, so she doesn't have enough knowledge about men and their behavior. She doesn't know anything about BDSM. Is it wrong or right. On the other hand, Grey is a young and wealthy businessman. He is also very handsome. He is a man with different erotic tastes.

During their intense and romantic love affair, Anastasia realizes some hidden facts about Grey. She also feels about her own hidden wishes that she didn't know before. We can't say that 50 Shades of Grey PDF is a great literary work, however the romance has been described in the novel is really interesting. The amazing chemistry of love and romance between Grey and Ana keeps the reader engaged and makes it a quick page turner.

Although this novel is widely criticized by the critics and some serious readers for the erotic segments described in it. But there are also a huge number of readers who liked it. This is not suitable for the kids and teenagers because it clearly describes some sexual procedures like BDSM.

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