Paper Towns PDF by John Green

Paper Towns PDF by John Green
The Paper Towns PDF book is available on some websites. We have found its links on the web that we will share today. We will also take a short review of this Edgar award winning English novel. It is a young adult, mystery novel. The author of this novel is a young and well known American named John Green. Dutton Books, the publishers in the USA, published Paper Towns in 2008. It has remained in 5th position on the  New York Times bestseller list.

A short review of the English novel Paper Towns PDF

The main character of Paper Towns PDF is Quentin JacobsenQ”. He is also the protagonist of the story. The other main character is Margo Roth Spiegelman. They are also best friends. Because they are also neighbors, so they spent together most of their time. In their childhood, One day both kids see a dead body of a man who killed himself. Here the plot changes and the story takes you to the present time.

Now both friends are living separately. One night Margo comes to meet with Q. She tells him about some selfish people. They destroyed her life. Now she wants to take the revenge so she needs his help. Q agrees with her and they start this task. But Margo suddenly disappears while they were on sea world. This makes Q worried about her. Q thinks that Margo might commit a suicide. He does his best efforts to find her. Finally, he gets her in a small town. But Q comes back because he seriously realizes that Margo wants to live alone and hidden.

Paper Towns PDF has also been included for reading in several schools. This novel has also got some very positive remarks from readers and critics. However, due to some parents' requests it had been excluded from the middle school reading list. Parents had the  objection on its sexual content. Besides this it was again restored. The story is excellent and it is also praised by the readers who like mystery literature.

Link of Paper Towns PDF

We have searched its link on the web that we are sharing here. Visit the following link to download Paper Towns.