The Alchemist Book PDF by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Book PDF by Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist book PDF is originally written in Portuguese. It is also available in English and many other languages. Today We are sharing the link of this marvelous adventure novel here. The author of this worldwide bestseller is Paulo Coelho. The HarperTorch publishers published it in 1988. Lets make a short review.

The Alchemist book review

The protagonist of the novel is Santiago, who is a young shepherd. The Alchemist book is all about finding the destiny of Santiago. It describes his journey towards Egypt in search of a treasure. He often sees a dream of a big treasure. That's why he decides to travel to search it to make his fortune. While traveling a woman meets with him. He also meets with an alchemist and a man whose name is King. They guide him to reach to the treasure.

The Alchemist book is truly a masterpiece of literature. It also gives you some outstanding lessons that can change your thoughts. You feel the power of working hard to achieve your goals. Coelho's excellent quotes and wonderful style of writing make it a self help book. Its superb story also entertains the readers.

The Alchemist book has received a huge appreciation from the readers as well as the famous celebrities including Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Madonna and Pharrell Williams. It has also made a world record of the most translated literary work. There are 67 translations are available in the different languages of the world. This is truly one of the books that a reader should read at least one time in his life. It is highly recommended for those who also want to learn along with entertainment.

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