Jasoosi Duniya by Ibne Safi PDF complete

Jasoosi Duniya by Ibne Safi PDF complete
Jasoosi Duniya (that's English translation is 'espionage world') is the name of a very famous series of spy stories of Urdu language. This story series is the most thrilling, full of suspense and a very interesting creation of the great writer of Pakistan Ibne Safi. This full collection is already available online. Today we will share it's links.

Let's meet with Ibne Safi the author of Jasoosi Duniya

Ibne Safi the Author of Jasoosi Duniya
Ibne Safi the Author of Jasoosi Duniya 
Ibne Safi was born on 1928 in Allahabad a district of British India. His real name was Asrar Ahmad. He was a very popular and well-liked novelist of his age. In fact, he is still very famous among the readers who like suspense and detective stories. Some people also consider him as the biggest ever spy story writer in Urdu language. He was the graduate of Agra university. He also remained a school teacher.

Ibne Safi had started writing stories in the year 1940. After partition of the sub-continent, he migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. Here he made a company with his name 'Israr Publications'. In 1950, he started writing novels. The first novel of Jasoosi Duniya series was published in 1952.

Besides this excellent series, he also wrote 120 novels of Imran Series, which are also very popular among the readers. His work has been translated in several regional languages of Pakistan and India as well as in English. One can imagine how was the impact of Ibne Safi's stories that his novels were sold even in black market prices. He was also a good poet. This legendary writer left this world in 1980.

Some details of Jasoosi Duniya

This series contains 125 wonderful novels. Some people blame that Ibne Safi copies western writers, but this is not true. He had explained that only 4 of his novels has been adopted from English novels. Besides them the other all series is absolutely his own creation. There are many excellent characters in Jasoosi duniya. The whole series, mostly focuses on the two characters 'honorary Colonel Faridi and honorary Captain Hameed'.

Faridi, who is the son of a lord, is a highly educated and a well disciplined man. He has an outstanding brain. He is the head of a secret agency Black Force. He always acts through his brain. But his assistant Hameed often does funny things. He is emotional, non serious and also love flirting with the girls.

Qasim: He is the most favorite character of the series. He is rich, funny, innocent, fond of eating, like fat women and he is the friend of Hameed.

Neelam: A young brave girl who wants to take the revenge of her parents' murder. A gangster brings up her. Then she was adopted by Faridi. She also helps Faridi and Hameed in several cases.

Inspector Rekha: A young and motivated officer who assists Faridi in some cases. She tries to attract Faridi but he ignores her. On the other hand Hameed tries to flirt her, but she keeps him away.

Sing Hi: He is a Chinese criminal and a magnificent and outlaw character. He has some unbelievable skills. His only weak point are women.

Some more characters are Finch, Jabbar, Dr. Salman, Theresia, Nanota, Reema, Qalandar Bayabani and Gerald Shastri.

This is absolutely clear that without Jasoosi Duniya the Urdu fiction literature is always considered incomplete. We are giving below the complete links of Jasoosi Duniya.

Download Links

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2- Khofnak Jungle

3- Aurat Farosh Ka Qatil

4- Tijori Ka Raz

5- Faridi Aur Leonard

6- Pur Asrar Kunwan

7- Khatarnak Boodha

8- Masnooi Naak