Namal Novel Complete PDF by Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel Complete PDF by Nimra Ahmed
You can download Namal novel complete PDF from this page. It has been written by the famous author Nimra Ahmed. Now a days this is the highest following novel by the Urdu story lovers. It is being published in Khawateen digest in monthly episodes. All readers wait with extreme impatience and excited to read new episodes.

Namal Novel review

If I want to introduce you about this novel, then only this is enough to say that its author is Nimra Ahmed. Namal is an awesome story of emotions, sacrifice, love, hate, murders and revenge. The plot revolves around the relationships between the family members of a young boy Saadi and his other relatives. How his cruel and rich relatives play some brutal games. 
There are two heroes of the story. One is an ex ISI officer named Faris Ghazi. The other is a Nescom scientist named Saadi Yousuf, who is also the son of Faris's sister. The other main characters are Zumar Yousuf, Hunain Yousuf, Hashim Kardar, Nosherwan Kardar and Jawahrat Kardar
Zumer is a brilliant lawyer. She is the sister of Saadi's father. She loves and extremely cares of her nephew Saadi and his family. Hunain is Saadi's sister. She is a very intelligent girl with computer hacking skills. Hashim and his family are the villains of the story. Hashim has a charming and love-able personality, but he is an evil minded person. He always has a justification for all of his sins and crimes. 
The good point of Nimra's writing is that she includes Islamic teachings in her books in a very attractive way. A reader learns very well how to gain guidance from the holy Quran for his everyday life. The story also has a lot of thrill and suspense. Readers enjoy the actions taken by Faris, Zumer, Hunain and Saadi on several occasions. In the early chapters, story runs a bit slow but after a few chapters the pace becomes fast.
You can't leave it without finishing the whole episodes. Personally, I like the chemistry between the characters of Faris and Zumar. There are several ups and downs come between their relationships. Although its a sad and serious story, though it also has some humorous scenes. For example the scenes of a character Ahmer Shafi and some funny fights between Usama and Hunain.

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