English Tenses in Urdu PDF Free Download

Download English Tenses in Urdu PDF from this page. The title of this excellent book is Tenses Made Easy. The publisher is Qaumi Kutub Khana Lahore and the name of the author is Efzal Anware Mufti. He has also written several books on the topic of English learning for the students.

Some details of the book English Tenses in Urdu PDF  

English Tenses in Urdu PDF Free Download
This is a very useful and popular book to learn tenses. In fact, it is also a very old book, but a majority of the students and the English language learners have been using it for a long time. There are 21 chapters in the book, including 15 exercises.  

If you want to teach English to yourself or if you are eager to speak this language correctly, then it is necessary for you to know the right usage of tenses. According to the author he has written this booklet to fulfill this important requirement. He has briefly explained all rules and principles about Tenses that we have to follow. 
At the end of the work, Mr Anware has also mentioned some useful tips that how we can avail more advantage of this easy to learn guide. A careful study of this book is really helpful for students of schools and collages.  

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