Dracula Book by Bram Stoker Download

Dracula book PDF download link is available on this page. The name of its author is Bram Stoker. This classic work of Gothic horror first published in 1897. This scary novel was the first literary work in which the readers saw the famous vampire character Count Dracula.

Dracula Book by Bram Stoker review

Dracula Book by Bram Stoker Download
The plot revolves around Count Dracula who has availed some supernatural evil powers. He has become a vampire. He lives in Transylvania. After getting these powers he wants to use them for his bad ambitions. To fulfill his evil wishes he is intended to go to England so that he could get some new blood.

Jonathan Harker a businessman, comes to meet with Count for a business deal. But when he reaches Transylvania, he is informed about Count's mysterious personality and his horrible castle. So he returns, but Count doesn't let him go easily. He gets him and badly injures him. However, Jonathan somehow survives and escapes.

While some mysterious incidents happen in England. A young girl Mina, who is also Jonathan’s fiancee, visits Whitby to meet her friend Lucy. In the meantime a ship destroys mysteriously on the beach near Whitby. Then suddenly Lucy starts behaving strangely and becomes seriously ill. The two tiny red marks can also be seen on her neck. Now the conclusion of this all strange incidents clearly points to the evil powers of Dracula. This situation demands Jonathan for the destruction of the evil monster. Jonathan and Professor Van Helsing get the help of some other people and begins a struggle to destroy Count Dracula and his evil.

This classic novel is still frightening the readers who read it for the first time. It is highly recommended for the readers who love horror stories. You will find in it, all elements that are necessary for a great horror book. The story is very well paced. Its breathtaking suspense, horrifying atmosphere and shocking situations will scare you for a long time especially at nights.

Being an old novel, there are a lot of words that are difficult to understand for the modern readers. Furthermore, its story is totally different than the modern vampire tales. Our protagonist is an evil monster and you will see a lot of violence. While its characters are also sexually aggressive. Therefore, this book is not suitable for minors.

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