Pride and Prejudice Book Free Download

Pride and Prejudice Book Free Download
Pride and Prejudice book has always been remained as a popular literary work. This classic novel published in January 28, 1813. It was written by the great English author Jane Austen. The readers of the English literature have always regarded this masterpiece of literature as their favorite novel. Until now more than twenty million copies of this book have sold worldwide.

Pride and prejudice novel review

The structure of the novel is simple and it follows a wonderful plot. It revolves around the family of a gentleman Mr. Bennet. They live in a small town of London. He has 5 daughters who are unmarried. Bennet's wife has an extreme wish that she could find rich husbands for her daughters. However, she always remains anguish because it does not appear that their marriages will take place according to her wish.

In the meantime the two friends Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy start living in their neighborhood. At this point the fascinating and romantic portion of the novel begins. Some really interesting incidents happen between the two friends and the Bennet girls.

Bingley is a rich person he falls in love with Jane the eldest daughter of Bennet. However Mr. Darcy is a proud man and he is uncomfortable here. His nonstop clashes with Elizabeth occur continuously that make the story more entertaining.   

Elizabeth is the second number daughter of Mr. Bennet. Although she and Darcy loves each other, but an unseen wall of prides and prejudices stops both of them to accept this truth. This interesting situation engages the readers and they wish to see a pleasing conclusion.

This classic novel is truly enchanting. The writing style is so brilliant and descriptive. Its matchless story, charming characters and a lot of heartwarming scenes make it an unforgettable work of all time. You will also find a little dose of suspense while several comic situations will really make your day pleasant.  

Pride and prejudice book has the power that can also entertain the modern readers. It is undoubtedly one of some most loved books in the history of literature.

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