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Robinson Crusoe is one in some very old novels of the English literature. Its author was Daniel Defoe. First published in April 1719. We can say this is the earliest work that introduced the realistic fiction in literature. 

When the book came into public, readers believed that its story is an autobiography of the author and describes the events of his real life. While a lot of readers thought that the author himself was actually the main character of the novel.

 Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe book review

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Download
This thought provoking story describes an undefeatable survival struggle of a man. In fact, it is a very strong lesson of human courage, bravery and diligence to remain alive in severe situations. The narrator and protagonist of the story is Robinson Crusoe. He loves the sea life and wishes to be a sailor in his future, though his father doesn't like this. When he grows up, he leaves his home so that he could fulfill his desire and become a sailor.

His first voyage was so successful and he earned a huge money in trade. He expanded his business by purchasing a cotton farm somewhere in South America. Now he intended to travel to Africa so he availed some slaves and started his second voyage. However, this time he had to face a storm. In a result, his ship destroyed and his all companions dead except him. The ocean waves swept him to a deserted island. When he wakes up, he found himself alone on a beach. Now he understands that he will have to stay here as long as he could get some help.

He stayed there for twenty eight years helpless. He not only bear the loneliness and hard weather, but also suffered for the right food. During his stay, on several occasions the Cannibal barbarians came to the island and he had to fight with them for his survival. Once he also protected a man from their imprisonment. Later, this man named Friday became his friend.

At last the day came that he was waiting for, a rebelled ship arrived there. It could be a good chance for him so he helped the captain. With his help the captain of the ship successfully recovered back his ship. Finally Crusoe succeeded to go back to London.

The novel is equally beneficial for the readers of all ages. The author Daniel Defoe has adopted a brilliant style of writing throughout the story. He has used a very simple language and his method of narrating the story is easy to follow. Defoe nicely teaches us some really exceptional lessons of life that we should follow. We learn an unforgettable lesson, never lose your hope even in the worst situations.

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