Wuthering Heights English Novel Free Download

We are sharing here the download link of the English novel Wuthering Heights PDF version. The name of the author is Emily Bronte. It remained controversial after its publication. 

The story is based on love and revenge and it challenges the Victorian ideals of that time such as social inequity, religious duplicity and cruel behaviors. 

Emily wrote this novel between 1845 to 1846 and it published in December 1847. However, she died in 1848 at the age of only 30 years. In 1850, Emily’s sister published its posthumous edition by editing its manuscript.

Wuthering Heights book review

Wuthering Heights English Novel Free Download

This classic novel, we can say is a reflector of human emotions. The sentiments and reactions of the characters make it an unforgettable emotional thriller. Even without any actual hero or heroine it still engages the reader.

The plot revolves around a mysterious man. He is an orphan named Heathcliff. The other main characters are Mr. Earnshaw, his daughter Catherine and his son Hindley

Mr. Earnshaw is a wealthy man and the landlord of Wuthering Heights. He adopts Heathcliff and loves him as like his son. While Catherine also likes him and remains closer to him. 

On the other hand Hindley doesn't like him. When Earnshaw dies, Heathcliff becomes the victim of Hindley's hate who treats him as a minion. 

Besides this Catherine also forgets him and attracts toward another person Edgar Linton. Now there is no more space for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights so he leaves with a broken heart. 

But he returns after 3 years as an amazingly rich person. Now he wants revenge from the ones whom he believes are responsible of his life ruined.

The earlier edition of Wuthering Heights could not achieve enough progress. However, in 1850 when its second publication came into the markets, it was much appreciated. Since then there is no decline was seen in its popularity among the readers. Today we consider it one of the greatest literary works of the English literature.

You will find some really sensational scenes in this novel that force you to remember it for a long time. You will see a family which is almost mentally retarded, some bitter and brutish characters and extremely angry ex lovers. However, above all other things, the sharp and exceptional writing method of the author make it a killer romantic story.

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