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The Great Gatsby PDF eBook link has been shared in this post. We will also present a short review of this classic piece of work. First published in 1925. The author was F. Scott Fitzgerald and this was his third book.

The Great Gatsby PDF book review

Great Gatsby eBook Download

Since its publication this outstanding literary work has a huge fan club from all generations worldwide. Although with 20000 copies sold the early reception from the readers was discouraging. However, it started towards the peak of popularity after the second world war. Today we regard it as a literary classic.

The narrator of the story and events is Nick Carraway, who is a young graduate. He moves to the New York and starts living in the neighborhood of a wealthy person named Jay Gatsby. Being a so rich man so Gatsby frequently organizes social gathering and feasts in his home. He likes young people so usually his guests are popular and stylish youngsters. The people of his circle presume him a mysterious man and eager to know about his past. However his life is not what it looks. His life is so resentful. Though by any means Nick gains the knowledge about Gatsby's sad life. He comes to know the reason that is his failed romantic life.

Actually some years ago, Gatsby and a beautiful girl named Daisy loved with each other. But once when her lover Gatsby was not there, Daisy married to another guy. This was Tom Buchanan, who was a wealthy person. While Gatsby never stopped himself thinking about his love lady and still wants to come closer to her. His utmost insistence forces Nick to arrange him a meeting with Daisy. This meeting brings both lovers closer once again. However, this Meet up makes Tom so angry and he gives them a warning.

One day when these two lovers were traveling in Gatsby's car, both become emotional. Daisy, who was driving loses her control over the car so she hits someone. The victim was a woman who dies. Gatsby tries to remain her love lady safe so he makes himself ready to face all charges. While the woman’s husband also finds out that who is the owner of the car. So he shoots Gatsby. This incident makes Nick so sad as he has to leave the New York.

This splendid literary work has also been well-written. The author Fitzgerald has presented some quick-witted characters who change their attitude, according to the situations. The novel is a perfect read for everyone, however the mature readers can enjoy the most.

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